But ju gotta understand, Tony needs someone to bust his balls.
Ju know, sometimes ju get a girl with de looks but not de passion. Sometimes ju get de passion but not de style. Sometimes ju get de style but not de ball busting…. But then sometimes, if ju a lucky, primo, kingpin, dealer, killer, handsome soccer champion, ju get it all… Nobody Moof!

About Nobdoy Moof!:

Lost in the jungle and raised by Tigers until the age of 4, Tony ‘The Tiger’ Sosa has landed…. NOBODY MOOF!
Part Scarface - part Tarzan, Antonio Sosa was lost as a baby in the South American jungle and raised by tigers as one of their own. Brought back to civilization by the coca farmers that found him, Tony is now one of Miami’s biggest kingpins, ruling his growing empire ‘The Sosa Organization’ with his TigerStyle, given to him when he drank the milk from his Tigre Madre.
Shot in the leg as he was about to score the winning goal with one second left in the 1982 ‘Havana Boys U-12 City Championships’ Tony was robbed of his destiny of becoming the world’s greatest soccer player. While the world was robbed of a unique talent never seen before. But one day, the world will bear witness. And when that day comes…. Nobody Moof!



Director: Kaloopy http://www.twitter.com/kaloopy
Tony Sosa - Daniel C. Levy http://www.twitter.com/nobodymoof
LV - Shay Maria www.twitter.com/shaymariaa
Produced by: Kaloopy Media, TigerStyle Productions, TitleWaveCreative
Editing, Art Direction, 2nd Camera: Derek Baynham, Kelly Elise May